Moved by us

Our core task consists of motivating people and offering them lifelong development opportunities. Thanks to continuing education, you are always one step ahead of all the changes in society. Getting an education at Mobyus not only contributes to your personal development, but also enhances your chances to an interesting job in a highly evolving job market. 


To achieve its goal, Mobyus invests in contemporary, up to date, trade market orientated and flexible education programmes. Offering quality is our main focus point. We offer 8 graduate training programmes (HBO5-programmes) and 2 language courses at several levels. Find out more about our courses on our website.

Empowered by UC Leuven-Limburg

Mobyus works closely together with UC Leuven-Limburg: we share the infrastructure, our expertise, we exchange students,… That’s why Mobyus moved to the College’s new campus: campus Proximus. The campus is located in the business park in Haasrode.


Move to Mobyus, we give you a warm welcome!

Paul Goossens, director of Mobyus
Toon Martens, general manager of UC Leuven-Limburg