ICT for Mobyus

Students of Mobyus have access to the ICT-infrastructure of UC Leuven-Limburg. You will receive more practical information when you come by to register.


After the registration, Mobyus’ students receive a unique account. This account consists of a c-number and a password, to be created by the student. With this account you can log on to all the ICT-facilities: Toledo, e-mail, computer classes, wifi, …


We use your personal e-mail address. Teachers have the following e-mail address: first name.last name@mobyus.be


Toledo is the digital learning platform of KU Leuven. Through Toledo, students and teachers have access to a broad variety of educational facilities: online course material, communication with fellow students and teachers, assignments, …

Communication tool

Toledo can be used as an electronic communication tool for students. Students can find some interesting information on Toledo such as course schedules, exam schedules, results, …


All the campuses of UC Leuven-Limburg have a wifi network named ‘eduroam’. Eduroam stands for ‘Education Roaming’and it makes it possible for students and staff members of Mobyus to access the internet via wifi.

Student card

After registration, you will receive a student card. With this rechargeable card, you have access to the campus, you can make copies and prints, you can pay in the cafeteria, …

ICT- helpdesk

Any major problems can be reported to the ICT helpdesk through e-mail: support.leuven@ucll.be